What is Public Access television?

At the request of local authorities, Cable companies may be required, to provide channel capacity for residents who wish to create content on the local cable system. Most towns create a non-profit organization to manage the channel. Marblehead Community Access & Media, Inc. operates MHTV, Marblehead's Public Access television station.

Can anyone produce a show or volunteer at MHTV?

There are a few requirements. In order to use MHTV equipment and facilities, you must become a member of MCAM. Membership in MCAM is open to Marblehead residents and designated representatives of Marblehead-based non-profits and businesses. Membership fees are minimal, and Seniors may join for free. Please click here for further information.

What can volunteers do at MHTV?

We welcome volunteers to help us in many capacities. Volunteers can contribute as much or as little time as they wish. We need volunteers for Studio productions, MHS sports coverage, 'Headliner News. Volunteers are needed to capture footage of events around town.

Since we are dealing with costly equipment, volunteers do have to become members of MCAM, and we ask that minors be accompanied by parents while using our equipment.

I have an idea for a show.  How can I get it on MHTV?

One of the staff’s main responsibilities is to provide training to Marblehead residents who join MCAM and produce their own shows for MHTV.  If you have an idea for a show – give us a call or make an appointment to meet with us. We’ll devise a strategy to take you from idea to finished production. We’ll customize our training to meet your needs. We’ll help you make it happen.

I'd like MHTV to cover my event.  Will you?

We'd love to be able to cover all of the exciting and important events that take place in
Marblehead year-round.  However, since there are only three of us on staff here at MHTV, it is impossible to be everywhere for everyone.  We depend on volunteers to produce the majority of our programming.

Whenever possible, we will offer you the opportunity to promote your event on our weekly news program 'Headliner - The News of Marblehead as well as on the MHTV Community Bulletin Board.  

The best way to have your event aired on MHTV is to take the following steps.

  • Join MCAM (We offer organizational memberships)
  • We will be happy to teach up to 5 people from your group how to operate our very user-friendly cameras and editing equipment.
  • Then, sign up to borrow our equipment. It’s best to schedule training way before your event is scheduled, so that your “video crew” will be all set.

How can I find out what's on MHTV?

The MHTV Program Schedule can be found here on our web site, on our Facebook page, and weekly in the Marblehead Reporter. If you would like the weekly schedule delivered to your inbox, please sign up below.

Sign Up For Our Weekly Program Schedule and Announcements

What if I want my show on the web?

MHTV’s primary commitment is to produce programming that runs on its cable television channel and we depend on cable company revenues to fund our organization.  We are aware of changing viewing habits and know that many people are “watching TV” on their computers or tablets. We are also aware of the many ways that video can enrich a website. If a Community Producer has used MHTV equipment to produce a show, then a formal, written request may be made to MHTV to use the video on the web. The following conditions must be met, in order to use the video on the web:
  • The show must be produced solely by a Community Producer or Organization
  • MHTV must be acknowledged using the language below.
  • An active link back to the MHTV website must be included

Can I buy a copy of a program shown on MHTV?

Programs produced by the staff of MHTV are available for purchase on DVD. Orders are filled as they come in, so please call us in advance (781-631-8213) Rates are based on the length of the show, as follows:
  • Up to 1/2 hour - $20
  • 31-60 minutes - $25
  • Over 60 minutes - $30
We accept cash and checks. Sorry, no credit cards at this time.

Can I buy a digital file of a News segment to post on my website?

A formal, written request may be made to MHTV to use the video on the web. At this time, there is no charge for 501(c)3 non-profits, but we encourage them to become members of MCAM. For all others, there is a $50 fee. (See details on Digital File Request form)

Do you rent video production equipment?

Due to the heavy use of our equipment by MCAM members and staff, we do not rent MHTV facilities or equipment.

Where is the MHTV Studio located?

MHTV is located in the Marblehead Veterans Middle School at 217 Pleasant St. We are not that easy to find, but, as you enter the school driveway from Vine St. just follow our signs, keep going around the building and you will see our parking spaces and the MHTV awning above our entrance. School security requires the outside doors to be locked, so, just ring the doorbell and we will come and get you. (If you get lost, please give us a call at 781-631-8213.)

What hours is the MHTV Studio open?

Our normal business hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 5 pm, and we make best efforts to have at least one of our staff in the studio during that time. However, we sometimes schedule studio shows in the early evening or are out on shoots that take us away from the studio, so, if you wish to drop by, it is best to call first (781-631-8213)

If you have any other questions, please email info@marbleheadtv.org or give us a call.


EMAIL: info@marbleheadtv.org
CALL: 781-631-8213




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