Marblehead Community Access and Media, Inc. (MCAM) is a 501c3 non-profit, membership-based organization governed by the MCAM Board of Directors, and dedicated to providing an electronic forum for the free exchange of information and ideas, reflecting the talents, skills, interests, concerns and diversity of the Marblehead community.

Membership is open to Marblehead residents and designated representatives of
Marblehead-based nonprofits and businesses. Membership entitles individuals and organizations to training, equipment and channel time on MHTV.

Marblehead Community Access and Media, Inc. (MCAM) operates MHTV, seen on Comcast, channel 8 and Verizon, channel 28. MHTV’s mandate is to provide the means for local citizens, municipal departments, and educational institutions to inform, instruct, and entertain through non-commercial programming on the designated cable channels.

A professional staff, along with community volunteers, produces coverage of Selectman Meetings, School Committee Meetings, MHS Sports, and various Town Events. The staff trains and assists community members who wish to produce non-commercial television shows for MHTV.

MHTV programs the Community Bulletin Board that runs announcements from qualified local non-profits, showcases Marblehead photos submitted by viewers, and provides recognition for our Community Partners and Underwriters.

Our studio is located in the Marblehead Veterans Middle School on Pleasant St. We have user-friendly production equipment for field and studio, along with a variety of non-linear editing systems.

The MCAM Board and MHTV Staff are committed to broad outreach and inclusion, as well as technical and operational excellence. For more information, please check our FAQs or contact us at 781-631-8213

Annual Reports

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Robert Peck, President
Ed Bell, Treasurer
Phyllis Smith, Clerk/Secretary
Chris Connelly
Jennifer Jewell
Charles Nyren
Stephen Kwiatek


Joan Goloboy, Executive Director
Jon Caswell, Programming Manager
James Maroney, Production Manager

Pam Evans, Outreach Coordinator
Jess Burton, Content Producer


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217 Pleasant St.
Marblehead, MA 01945

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